Drive in/Delivery

The health and Safety of our colleagues, customers and our environment is priority. With this in mind, we chose to cap our entire 6 acre facility with concrete to reduce the possibility of injuries, vehicle damage and the protect our soil.

We have state certified scales with outdoor monitors visible from your vehicle, to insure you are getting paid for what you are bringing in.


Container Service

We provide container to residential, commercial and industrial companies. If you are cleaning up a farm or demolishing a commercial building, we have the containers to help you get the most for your metals. We circulate over 800 containers and operate 20 trucks to allow for quick response.



Municipal Recycling Programs

Municipalities can use recycling to supplement their income and fund projects otherwise difficult. Klein Recycling can create a recycling program, or evaluate your current recycling program to maximize the return on your recyclable metals. Some of these recyclables are old appliances, obsolete equipment and any other metals that may be put out for trash.

We offer quick response container service and provide certified scale tickets. We offer an environmentally safe Freon recovery program for refrigerators and air condition units.









 Trucking and Rigging 




Call us today to learn why over 50 Municipalities trust Klein Recycling with their recycling program.